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Friday, 27 April 2012

Reminder : Mind Your Belongings


As all of us are aware, the last semester for session 2011/2012 is approaching its end. We presume that many of us are really making our best efforts for the final exam. However, as we're 'drown' in the enthusiasm of studying for the exam, we may lack of our vital attention to our belongings.

It's so happened that many cases, for instance loss of laptops and cell phones, occurred during the end-of-semester-approaching period. Hence, we shall address you some of vital reminders, especially on your belongings.

1. Don't leave your belongings unattended

- Make sure that all your belongings are in your full awareness and surveillance. Always keep your things safe. If you have to leave it for something else, please pack up and take your belongings with you. Or else, keep it in your very safe place -

2. Always lock your room door / locker

- Things get really easy to lost when it's so happened that your belongings are put in an open place, or we might call it as 'public properties'. So, make sure you lock your room door before you go to sleep and mind to lock your locker securely -

3. Together to remind

- Remind your roommates to watch over your things. Don't let other people who you are not really know to simply enter your room. We might 'husnu az-zhon' in this case, yet we shall also be aware and careful at all time -

InsyaAllah, when we do our part in keeping our belongings safe, Allah will help us too in keeping us safe.

By : Secretary MRC Mahallah Abu Bak'r

Wallahu a'alam..

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