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Monday, 9 April 2012

Timetable for Final Exam Semester 3, 2011/2012


Alhamdulillah. We are given opportunity by Allah to, still live on His Earth to nurture a higher level of iman and elevate His Deen in each and every humankind. As per elected to be His Caliph on the Earth, we shall uphold  this responsibility to our very best. InsyaAllah.

Kaifa hal brothers and sisters? We hope that you are in the pink of health and keep on living in the grace of Allah. Final exam is just around the corner guys. And for the graduating students, this moment is your crucial peak to strongly boost up your efforts to attain the best results of your own.

Speaking of which the exam may concern, we would like to inform you the confirmed timetable for final examination for Semester 3, 2011/2012. Click this for viewing :


Double up your efforts, guys! Prove to yourselves that you can do much better than before. And the most important things you need to practice is Du'a. It is your weapon. Get yourselves really close to Allah consistently, InsyaAllah He will help you in the way you need. Not in the way you wish.

Wallahu a'alam..

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