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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Almanac MRC MAB 2011/2012


We would like to inform you that the following photos are the Almanac Activities of Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) of Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq for session 2011/2012. First of all, we would like to apologize for the almanac has not been released earlier of session 2011/2012. This is because there are some unforeseen technical inconveniences that we should handle beforehand. Plus, to our knowledge, it would be better for us to release it at this particular time as more exciting activities has been scheduled in the third semester of session 2011/2012 so that you would be knowledgeable of those activities.

However, it is our deepest apology to all residents of Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq for not carrying our responsibility at our very best. Hence, we would like to call for all of you as a family to merry our scheduled events and gain full benefits from them. Your participation is our best strength. Together we pray for the blessings of Allah  in our every doing. InshaAllah..

All events scheduled are subject to change. =)

Wallahu a'alam..

Friday, 9 December 2011

Mahallah Vacation and Registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012


We would like to announce the important dates of mahallah vacation and registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012.

And here some changes that would be made for Semester 3, 2011/2012.

1. Mahallah Aisyah will be changed to a sister' mahallah, which specifically will be reserved for Mahallah Ummu Salamah, Nilai.
2. The most of the former residents of Mahallah Aisyah will be placed in Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq. Others will be placed in Mahallah Umar Al-Khattab.
3. Mahallah Abdul Rahman 'Auf residents will be placed in Mahallah Fatimah Az-Zahra and Mahallah Umar al-Khattab.
4. In Mahallah Abu Bak'r, each room will be occupied with 12 beds or more which means it will be occupied with 12 to 14 persons in a room (subject to different room). Yet, this will be commencing in Semester 1, 2012/2013.
4. All changes may subject to change in the future. However, these are the situations that will be happening in the next semester. InsyaAllah.



(SEMESTER VACATION : 29th Dec. 2011 – 7th  Jan. 2012)

29th Dec. 2011 (Thursday)

Last date to check out/
sign out  and return room keys

i)   Students must check-out and return key in person.

ii)  Those who had finished their exam may check-out earlier than the date mentioned.

iii) Those who intend to go back during weekend  must check-out on Friday and may keep
      the key on borrowing basis.  The borrowed key must be put in the envelope and drop it
       in-to the box provided in-front of  Mahallah Office. A maximum of RM50.00  penalty will
       be imposed to those who failed  to return the keys.

iv)  Consideration also is asked to those who want to go home after office hours during
       weekdays to do the  same procedure as above, as long as you do check-out earlier.
v) All students must evacuate their rooms and all rooms must be left clean and tidy.  A
     maximum penalty of RM50.00 will be imposed to each occupants who failed to do so.
29th Dec. 2011 (Thursday)
Last date to apply for Live In during Vacation (LIDV)
i) Students who intend to stay during the vacation are required to register and fill in the LIDV form at the Mahallah Office.

ii) Students who Live In during vacation  (LIDV) without permission will be imposed a maximum penalty of RM50.00.
29th Dec. 2011 (Thursday)
Last date for Clearance of summon
Your result might be withheld, if you fail to pay the fine.

8th Jan. 2012-10th Jan. 2012
(Sunday – Tuesday)
9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Mahallah Registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012
i)   Please produce your matric card and overnight card during  mahallah registration and check-in / sign in for Sem 3, 2011/2012. (Please adhere to the time mentioned)

ii)  Those who failed to register within the stipulated dates, a maximum penalty of RM50.00 will be imposed.


1.    All students are not allowed to keep their belongings in the locker.  The mahallah office will   not be responsible for any loss/damage of your personal belongings.

2.    Before you leave for vacation, make sure your room is cleaned, all windows are closed and the              light , fan and plug point are switched off. Summon will be imposed for those who failed to                 follow the instruction given.

3.    All offences mentioned above are in accordance with the procedure in Mahallah Standing        Order  Rules 34 of Students’ Discipline Rules 2004 , (Amendment 2006).

4.    Any ENQUIRIES please refer to the Mahallah Office.

Wallahu a'alam..


Mahallah Abu Bak'r Short Film Contest


kaifa hal brothers?? Here, we bring you a new dimension of contest, the first ever short film contest in CFSIIUM that promises you great prizes to be carried away. All you have to do is make an interesting, moral value-based short film.


Every experience needs a kick start to be made. Who knows!! It might be your brightest talent that you may never imagined possible. Grab this golden opportunity before it's too late. It's not that hard to make a short film right??

Details of the contest:

Duration  : Starts now until 10th February 2012
Genre      : It could be anything. Eg; horror, comedy, action... BUT, it shall contain Islamic values as prescribed by the Shari'a
Fee         : It's FREE
The length of the short film : 7 - 15 minutes

1. It shall be in groups; 4 to 5 persons in a group.
2. The participants shall submit the short films direct to Mahallah Abu Bak'r Mahallah Office, to any MRCMAB members or through email, mrcmab@gmail.com
3. The contest is opened to all Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq residents only.
4. All participants shall be credited with STAR points that is necessary when you are in main campus.

The short film :

1. You are allowed to use any languages you are used to, yet there ought to be complemented with English subtitles.
2. Injunctions of the Shari'a must be observed in the film thoroughly. Eg; cover your awrah, no free-mingling with the opposite sex.
3. The filming location MUST be made in the mahallah/campus compound. The creativity of using other locations are optional. Eg; journey from hometown, etc...
4. It shall include the title and the credit. Others are optional.

Easy right?? What are you waiting for? Don't just sit there idly and watch! Grab your camera or whatsoever and start FILMING NOW!! Be the new Islamic-oriented actors/actresses and directors that CFSIIUM ever creates. Don't wait for others to start. You'll make the changes. HURRY!! Time's ticking.

For guidance, we provide some examples that you could learn from.

1. Done by Students from IIUM Kuantan

2. Done by students who are studying abroad.

wallahu a'alam..

Friday, 2 December 2011

Timetable for End Semester Exam Semester 2, 2011/2012


We would like to announce that the confirmed timetable for end semester examination Semester 2, 2011/2012 has been released. Do click the link below:


wallahu a'alam..

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1433H


We, on behalf of all family members of Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq, would like to wish SALAM MA'AL HIJRAH 1433H. May this new year brings us a brand new life towards the right path of Allah. Let's all turn over a new leaf. Look forward to becoming a better Muslim, fulfilling all injunctions of Allah, follow Rasulullah's way of life. Repent wholeheartedly. Let bygones be bygones. Seek forgiveness and forgive others. Bring a new healthy grin to your life. May Allah bless us all. AMIIIN.. =)

Friday, 25 November 2011

Condolences, Kamalhadi Rosli.


A shocking news. One of Mahallah Abu Bak'r ex-residents, Kamalhadi Rosli (2009/2011), an ICT student in IIUM Gombak, died after he fell unconscious in toilet around 3 a.m today. And he was proven  dead by a doctor. The late Kamalhadi was a very bright and kind friend. He was also a huge helping hand to MRC MAB in our projects. His virtues will never been buried together with the body, yet will be ever remembered. From us, a huge condolences to his family and we pray for his soul be rest in peace and be placed among the solihin... Al-Fatihah..

Gone. Our friend.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Walk Your Talk


Being human, especially as the selected caliph on this Earth, should never been a bed of roses. It is more likely to be a challenge that holds many more challenges that waited for us ahead. That's what make a leader remains strong in terms of his or her leadership. So, in the making of us to be that strong personality leader, we should walk our talk.

The saying contents no people when it comes to the practical part. Yes! It's sometime a hard thing to do what we simply urge people to. And when the circumstances appear, we couldn't agree more that people or our subject tends to turn their back to us. Hence, we would like to share some tips to be practiced together.

1. Model the behavior we want to see from others. In the mahallah, for instance, we shouldn't tell and urge others to cover their aurah properly if we ourselves still wearing shorts, not wearing tudung, etc.. Yes! We must reprimand others for their wrongness, yet would you think that people will listen to you if you do the same mistake as theirs?

2. Act as if you are a part of the team, not always as the head of it. Dig in and do the actual work. People would appreciate you being knowledgeable of the effort spent to get the work done. They will trust our leadership because we have undergone their experience.

3. If we decide to set up a new rule or design a process, FOLLOW IT! Let's say that we would like to make our mahallah's residents to obey the curfew hour of CFS IIUM. So, we make the rule that anyone passing the  time allocated, they will be fined accordingly. Yet, we ourselves break the rules we set up. That's the point. Why would they follow it if the rule maker don't?

4. Work together. Summon one of our friend or maybe one of our organization members to police us. It's not making 24/7 alert alarm for you. Just to make sure we work in a team so that anything we plan or execute will run smoothly. They are times that we tend to drive off our track. So, this signifies the team we had. To alert each other. To work together.

Moulding a leader in oneself is not an easy doing. Yet, it's not that hard to achieve if we follow the right path. Islam itself has paved us ways to do so. It's us to walk what we talk.

" O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do?. Most hateful it is with Allah that you say that which you do not do.." As-Saff : 2-3

Wallahu a'alam...

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Power of Du'a


Wherever Muslims are, we are undeniably subjected to the power of Almighty Allah Azza Wajalla as a whole. As a meager servant, one should bow to Allah as He has made our predestined fate written beforehand of all creations. And to act like one, we should obey all His Injunctions and accept the fate without hesitant, in which they are all happened and ordered for a reason.

Kaifa halukum? We hope and pray for all of us to be in the pink of health, InsyaAllah. May some reminders above will give us a spark of awareness of what we are created for. Speaking of pray, PRAY or Du'a is oftentimes related to the relationship and connection between man and His God. Same goes to Muslims.

Du'a is the essence of Ibadah. A person engaged in Du’a affirms his belief in Tauhid (monotheism) and shuns belief in all false gods. A person seriously and sincerely engaged in Du’a understands exactly the relationship between himself and the Creator and affirms it through his actions. That is the essence of worship!

Additionally, such a person can never become arrogant or proud, a logical result of true worship. Du’a is our most potent weapon in all struggles of life as well as in jihad in the battlefield. During the battle of Badr, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w stood up all night in prayer seeking Allah’s help in the battle between unequal armies that would follow the next day. In the decisive battles against the crusaders, Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi was busy day and night. His days were devoted to jihad. His nights were spent making Du'a, crying, and seeking Allah’s help. Eventually, both battles are won by the Muslims. That what makes Du'a so powerful.

Yet, how to make Du'a being granted by Allah?

1. Be sincere and humble in your prays and heart. Be devoted to Allah.
2. Pray for what is right and not things that may harm to people, be it intentionally or not.
3. Work hard to achieve what you are asking for. Allah won't grant you any if you don't make any effort towards it.
4. Tawakkal to Allah. Put in all hopes to Allah after trying your best. 
5. If what you've been asking for is not granted, have faith in Allah for He knows the best for you. 

Wallahu a'alam..

Friday, 18 November 2011

Result for Resit and Special Exam Semester 1, 2011/2012


We would like to announce that the result for resit and special examination for Semester 1, 2011/2012 has been released. You may check yours in the following link:


Congratulations! =)

wallahu a'alam...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

"Cover your aurah, guys!"


The matter of aurah has never been a relief to our climate of Muslim community nowadays. Anywhere and everywhere, particularly in Malaysia, you could see this injunction of Allah is not being uphold firmly by our Muslim, be it from the brothers and sisters themselves.

Back to the reality. We could never escape from making mistakes. And they are kinds of mistakes that are intently done for. For us, the brothers, we usually blame the sisters for not covering their aurah and we always keep blaming them for what ever it means. YES! It is our responsibility to rebuke what they have done wrong. Yet, do realize that we also have our part to be settled beforehand.

From what we can see, brothers seem to have no worries at all in the matter of covering their aurah in the public. (though some may have to take this matter seriously..) We only have to cover our aurah starting from navel to knee only. There is no problem when we are in public. To classes, outings, meetings and so on.

The problem is when we are NOT in public, such as in our rooms, toilets, mahallah corridors, kiosk, etc.. Places like that, which could not be seen by the sisters. Yes! We only cover our aurah when we feel like there will be no sisters at such places. That's a huge mistake guys! Aurah for us when we are among the brothers are the same as when we are seeing the sisters. From NAVEL to KNEE. And what's up with the boxers, shorts, and stuffs like that?? We need to change guys!! CHANGE!!

Sometimes we don't realize things when they have become habits, right? But, there is a Malay saying that we could learn from, "Biasakan yang betul, betulkan yang biasa". Means, we should not keep on doing the same wrong habit and try to make the rights familiar instead. Aurah is our PRIDE and DIGNITY. Don't lose them to the eyes of others which will devastate us in the Judgement Day next.

wallahu a'alam..

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Subject Pre-Registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012


We would like to inform you that the date and venues for subject pre-registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012 (Arts programmes only) are as in the following link:

ONLINE SUBJECT PRE-REGISTRATION SEMESTER 3, 2011/2012 (Arts Programmes only)

The arts programmes are BEN, BAR, IRK, HS, ECONS and LAWS. As for Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq residents, only Laws students are involved.

Wallahu a'alam..

Saturday, 12 November 2011

10 Wills of Hasan Al-Banna


As-Syahid Hasan Al-Banna was a schoolteacher and an imam, best known as the founder of Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwanul Muslimin. He bequeathed us 10 wills that utterly supposed to be followed by today's Muslims. They are:

1. Upon hearing the azan prayers rose up immediately for prayer, whatever are the circumstances.

2. Read the Quran, scrutinize science books, go to the councils of science, and practice Zikirullah and do not waste time in things that have no benefit (lagha)

3. Try to speak in Arabic Fushah because the right Arabic language is symbol of Islam.

4. Do not argue in any matter whatsoever for the argument is empty and of any benefit.

5. Do not laugh so much since heart that is in constant contact with God is always quiet yet peaceful.

6. Do not joke too much as for people who are in struggle will understand not but serious commitment at all times.

7. Do not talk louder than the levels required by the listener because of a loud conversation that was a pointless act and even hurt people feeling.

8. Stay away from gossips, personal snub at people, condemnation of the organizations, and do not speak except for good.

9. Get to know each Muslim encountered because the missionary movement is the basic networking and brotherhood love.

10. Our obligations requires more time than that is available to us, so use time well and simplify its implementation.

We hope that all of us can together remain in our saff to fulfill the wills of his and Rasulullah to the fullest of our accord, InshaAllah.

wallahu a'alam..

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Registration for MUET Test


We would like to inform you that the matters pertaining to Registration for Malaysian University English Test (MUET) for test in the early year of 2012 are in the following link:



wallahu a'alam..

Friday, 4 November 2011

Salam Eidul Adha to all


Eidul Adha is just around the corner. We, MRC MAB wishing all of you a HAPPY EIDUL ADHA. May Allah blesses our days with this joyful eid and we are strongly praying for Allah strengthens our ukhuwah and togetherness.

We also would like to take this golden opportunity to seek for your forgiveness for every our wrongdoings. Be it intentionally or accidentally. May this Eid shines us with HIS hidayah and inayah for our betterment in the next future. Amiiin.

Wallahu a'alam..

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Result Application to Change Programme for Semester 2 & 3


We, hereby, would like to inform you that the results of application to change your current programme for semester 2 & semester 3, 2011/2012 have been released and you may check yours in the following links:

“….and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” (Quran Al-Baqarah:216)


wallahu a'alam..

Monday, 31 October 2011

Pesta Sukan IPTIM 2011


IPTIM logo

Pesta Sukan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Islam Malaysia (IPTIM) 2011 was unveiled this prestigious once-in-two-year event, hosted by Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia (CFS IIUM), of which previously been taken place at Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka (KUIM). This remarkable international level event was attended by Islamic colleges and universities from all over the country and also one from our neighbouring Thailand. The one from Thailand is only as an invited contingent to merry up the event.

The higher institutions that together enjoined this sport festival are:


The games are:

1.       Football
2.       Netball
3.       Sepak Takraw
4.       Badminton
5.       Table Tennis
6.       Volleyball
7.       Futsal
8.       Athletics

The event took it place on October 22nd with the registration of all contingents and the real wars of games begun on the 23rd until 28th October. The opening ceremony of Pesta Sukan IPTIM 2011 was held at CFS IIUM field and cordially attended by the Vice Secretary of Ministry of Higher Education, Rectors, the Dean, VIPs, delegations of contingents, volunteers and members of the floors. The opening was remarkable. :thumbs up:

during opening ceremony

There were three mahallat that accommodated the contingents, volunteers and the officials as the event was taking place, namely Mahallah Khadijah (sisters), Mahallah Umar al-Khattab (brothers) and Mahallah Fatimah Az-Zahra (officials). There were also three main venues that witnessed the zealous and sporty contingents healthily fight each other in the games they played, namely CFS IIUM sport centres, Padang Varsiti, Universiti Malaya and Sayyidina Hamzah Stadium  (IIUM Sports Centres), IIUM Gombak.

after the event ceased at Sayyidina Hamzah Stadium

The sponsors are Intraxious Groups of Companies, U Mobile, 100 Plus, Milo, IIUM Properties and many more.

Overall, CFS IIUM as the host, stayed in pride of victory for winning over the rest of other higher Islamic institutions.  The closing ceremony was taken place at Al-Malik Faisal Hall, CFS IIUM. The sounds of cheerful voice echoed within the hall and truly can be heard from the Pesta Sukan IPTIM Operating Room, as CFS IIUM was announced as the overall CHAMPION for Pesta Sukan IPTIM 2011. Congratulations CFS IIUM!!

What can we review thoroughly from the event are,

1.       All the contingents are undeniably work hard verily for their pride of winning the sport festival. Not to forget, the supporters and spectators are also played an enhancing role to merry the event.
2.       In the name of Islamic institutions, the contingents are obeying the rules of ikhtilat and limitations of awrah though some are not. There were incidents regarding these matters that should be highlighted for lesson and also should be aware by the next Pesta Sukan IPTIM organizer.
3.       The supporters should be more alert on the conditions of the players and the circumstances so that the incident of uttering bad words and non-benevolence attitude towards each other does not reflect to the holiness of Islam.
4.       The cheers from supporters are truly traditions in any games organized. This sparks the mood of sport in each and everyone. Nothing paid for that but victory.

Takraw player from KUIS

futsal at IIUM Sport Centre, Gombak

Badminton match at AMF Hall

To all contingents and volunteers, we from MRC MAB, on behalf of CFS IIUM wishing you congratulations and greatest gratitude for joining the Pesta Sukan IPTIM 2011 with full of sporty spirit and we hope that the host for the next Pesta Sukan IPTIM (KUIS) will organize a better one than this, in line with the Islamic respects of Pesta Sukan IPTIM.

Check these out guys. These are tons of photos during the Pesta Sukan IPTIM 2011. Credit to photography unit. Do click the links!

Hand-Over Flag Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Athletics (23rd October)
Forum and Dialog Pesta Sukan IPTIM
24th October Part 1 & Part 2
26th October Part 1 & Part 2
27th October
Closing Ceremony Part 1 & Part 2
Bureaus of Volunteers 

Wallahu a’alam..

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Examination Result Semester 1, 2011/2012


Kaifa hal? InsyaAllah, kullu nahnu bikhair. We would like to announce the date of examination result release for Semester 1, 2011/2012. Hereby, we also wish to express our greatest best of luck and congratulations to all students of CFS IIUM for this examination result. Here is the link of announcement.


You may check your examination result through these links.

  1. MyIIUM Portal
  2. Result Slip

Bittawfiq Wannajah from us, MRC MAB. =)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ikhtilat While Handling Program


Collaboration between brothers and sisters is undeniably exist in any event organized by societies or organization. This relation makes an event runs smoothly due to the bond of togetherness in handling program. Plus, it makes the participants comfortable with any circumstances that in need of certain gender to handle them. YES! This relation is approved in the name of "we are in the same team, so we need to work together to make the task given to us flows smoothly..". 

Brothers and sisters,

Islam DOES approved us to work together in mixing genders. YET, there are some guidelines that we should take good  and serious observation onto them. This guidelines are called IKHTILAT.

1. If possible, AVOID any contact with your opposite sex IF there are ones among you who are good at certain field. For sisters, you should ask for help from other sisters and same goes to the brothers. And surely there are situations that are in need of help from opposite sex. Yes! You can ask for help and that's it. No further relation that might contribute to sins (major and minor).

2. If you are happened to be in situation that needs you to contact your opposite sex, PREFERABLY by text only. And you should observe your words. Straight to the point, short and simple. Islam knows that there are times that we need to speak face to face or by phone with our opposite sex, so it allows us to do so but with condition:

Wives of the Prophet! You are unlike any other women: if you truly fear God, do not speak too soft, lest any who is sick at heart should be moved with desire; but speak in an appropriate manner       (Al-Ahzab, 33:32)
Speak with appropriate manner.

3. Observe our distance with the opposite sex. Never sit next to each other too close. We should have our distance so that our ikhtilat is conserved and our iman, InsyaAllah is conserved.

4. Make our deal with him or her or them short and simple. Don't drag too long and away from what it should be. For sisters, when meeting with brothers, DO have accompaniment from your fellow sisters to avoid any unpredictable things from happening (not being bias on any gender). Plus, we should meet in an open place or suitable places that people surround know of our presence.

5. Lower our gaze. Don't see strike to our opposite sex eyes. It might cause us sin from zina (eyes and heart). BEWARE GUYS!!

6. Wear appropriate clothes. Observe our limitations of aurah.

We hope that with this few guidelines, we can together make program is a better situation and experience to have in our life. Handling program with one aim, which is to attain MARDHATILLAH, is our main target. Insya Allah..

wallahu a'alam..

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Registration for Semester 2, 2011/2012


We would like to highlight here the registration date for short semester; Semester 2, 2011/2012 session. Students who are taking short semester shall register at respective mahallah offices on 1st and 2nd November 2011. The academic calendar for 2011/2012 session is in the following link, DO CLICK!


We, MRC MAB hope that we have make it crystal clear about this matter. For those who are taking short semester, Bittawfiq wannajah! =)

wallahu a'alam..



Here, we would like highlight about the process flow for enrollment of Ex-CFS Biological Science and Physical Science students into Kulliyyah of Science in February 2012 at Kuantan Campus.

You may click this for more information.


For those who have graduated from CFS IIUM and will be registering at Kuantan Campus on February 2012, we MRC MAB wish you the best of luck in any field you are taking. Bittawfiq wannajah!

source: CFS IIUM
wallahu a'alam.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Al-Hajj by Madam Asmazura


We, MRC MAB on behalf of all residents and staffs of Mahallah Abu Bakr As-Siddiq would like to announce that Madam Asmazura Muhammad, QLD lecturer cum the fellow of Mahallah Khadijah, had flew off Malaysia on the 4th October 2011 to perform hajj in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

Let's all together pray for her safe journey there and back to Malaysia in peace and obtain al-hajj al-mabrur, InsyaAllah.. And not to forget to all Muslims around the world that also performing hajj this year, our prays accompany you. Amiiin..

Monday, 10 October 2011

Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) 2011/2012


We would like to announce the line-up committees for Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) Mahallah Abu Bakr As-Siddiq for 2011/2012 session.


Mohamad Azfar Rahimi Bin Abdul Razak
101476 / Pharmacy
017 5580388

Nur Afiq Sulaim Bin Noor Zaidi
113230 / Engineering
012 6904380

Muhamad Nazrin Syafiq Bin Khairi
101974 / Pharmacy
017 3313980

Muhammad Hafiz Musica Shaari
112317 / Engineering
013 3637626


Luqmanul Hakim Bin Abdul Rashid
019 9452394

Abdul Azim Bin Zakaria
115628 / Biological Science
019 9121125

Muhammad Shahmi Bin Mohd Adnan
115137 / AED
017 9472658

Ahmad Eusoffe Bin Dzulkamal
110230 / Medical
013 9517042

Muhammad Zaidan Bin Rolan
112679 / AED
017 5312184

Muhammad Muaz Bin Zulkhairi
115848 / Biological Science
013 5025319

With this, we hope that all residents could know who are in-charge of the mahallah among the students and would contact them for any inquiries. If you have any ideas for the beloved mahallah, you may also meet and discuss with them about your ideas, so that it could be materialized. InsyaAllah. We also hope that this new line-up committees would do their best in making Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq a better mahallah. Amiiin. 

wallahu a'alam..