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Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013

Mahallah Abu Bakar wishes you Happy New Year 2013. May 2013 for us is better than 2012.

We seek your forgiveness for our fault and guilty during our service in Mahallah Abu Bakar. We pledge to serve the Mahallah better in 2013.

To those who attend CFS for Semester 2, 2012/2013, we wish you Happy Holiday. Have a safe journey going back home and a pleasure vacation.

See you in Semester 3, 2012/2013 with many more activities to be held, especially by Mahallah Representative Committee.

Happy New Year. May Allah bless us all.

Principal, Fellows, Officers and Representatives
Mahallah Abu Bakar (Petaling Jaya), IIUM

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Statements on Complaints Towards MAB Cafe

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There are complaints from Mahallah Abu Bakar (MAB) residents and MAB Cafe customers about price at MAB Cafe. MAB Representative Committee (MAB MRC) already reported about this matter to Mr. Principal. He then ordered a survey and inquiry to be conducted by MRC.

According to our calendar, we will conduct Mahallah Survey only in the next semester; but as Mr. Principal ordered a survey about MAB Cafe to be conducted, a survey is conducted only on the MAB Cafe. For that, we still seeking cooperations from MAB residents and MAB Cafe customers to tell us or MAB Office about price at MAB Cafe. We conduct this survey and inquiry using your comments, complaints, suggestions and reports.

Mr. Principal also heard that many MAB residents currently dine at Mahallah Umar al-Khattab (MUK) Cafe everyday. He support and affirm that action.

I saw that there was an action towards MAB Cafe made by some MAB residents to decrease prices of foods and beverages at MAB Cafe.

MAB also received an insistence to change the current contractor of MAB Cafe to the new one. For information, MAB has no power to change it as the power for that matter is reserved only to Administration and Service Department (ADMIN). Sometimes that power is executed by central - IIUM Gombak - Development Division through Facilities, Food and Service Department.

Just now, I made a rough inspection towards MAB Cafe in the capacity of MRC member. There are rumours that MAB Cafe will decrease prices of foods and beverages for students effective from yesterday (4 December). That rumors now are reality - it was realized. We thank those who had took action towards MAB Cafe to decrease prices of their selling.

Please be informed that ADMIN already met the manager of MAB Cafe to discuss about complains towards MAB Cafe received by them. That meeting is one of the causes that made the price of foods and beverages at MAB Cafe are decreased. We appreciate the power exercised by ADMIN through Food and Beverages Unit in solving this matter.

However, MAB still seeking responses from residents and Cafe customers about the new price of the sellings at MAB Cafe. We hope that all will be satisfied with the prices offered by MAB Cafe.

Should you have questions or comments about MAB, please call 03-79462458 or text us at 018-8731480.

I thank you.

Covering Secretary of MRC
Mahallah Abu Bakar (Petaling Jaya), IIUM

5 December 2012

Coming Soon - MRC LOCUS 2013

Coming soon
 Inter Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) will organize Local Community Service (LOCUS) 2013 programme on 11-14 January 2013 at SMA Irsyadiah Marakau, Ranau, Sabah.

Mahallah Umar al-Khattab and Fatimah az-Zahra (UMAFZ) MRC will be the host.



Mdm. Rose Haliza Harun
Deputy Dean (Residential Management & Discipline), CFS IIUM

Mr. Taifunisyam Taib
Principal, UMAFZ

Assistant Director

 Mdm. Asmeza Arjan
Principal, Mahallah Aisyah

Mdm. Husnamaria Hussain
Principal, Mahallah Maryam (Gombak)


Mr. Mohd. Nazim Mat Nawi
(Special Tasks, Preparation, Technical, Transportation & Welfare)

Ust. Mohd. Shariff Hashim
(Module & Programme Coordination)

Mdm. Rositi Mashani Mohd. Sani
(Public Relation & Sponsorship)

Ms. Suzila Alias
(Publication & Promotion)

Br. Abdul Rahman Hj. Muhammad Firdaus

Assistant Manager
Br. Muhammad Adib Asyraf Muhammad Shafiai

Br. Solehuddeen Shaatibi Zahari

Assistant Secretary
Sr. Ezzah Farhanah Muhammad Ghani

Sr. Najah Hakimah Abdullah


Br. Mohamad Nor Syamil Mazlan
(Module & Programme Coordination Committee)

Br. Mohamad Firdaus Lokhman
(Publication & Promotion Committee)

Br. Mohammad Fadhil Asyraf Mohamad Zuber
(Special Tasks, Preparation, Technical, Transportation & Welfare Committee)

Br. Awang Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin
(Public Relation & Sponsorship Committee)

Br. Muhammad Zul Fahmi Shaidatul Nor Azhar
(Catering Committee)

Coming Soon - MRC ICOS 2013

Coming soon

InsyaAllah, on June 2013, Mahallah Abu Bakar (MAB) Representative Committee (MRC), Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) in collaboration with Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE) will host and organize the Inter MRC International Community Service (ICOS) 2013.  It will be held in the Kingdom of Cambodia but it will be held in the other province of that state.

The first meeting was held at MAB Office on 29 November, chaired by MAB Principal, Ustaz Hasanul Basri Abdullah, cum ICOS Director.

The meeting discussed about job scope of each committee of ICOS and the charity dinner.

In conjunction of ICOS, two charity dinners will be held in February and April 2013.




Professor Dr. Torla Hj. Hassan

Mdm. Rose Haliza Harun
Deputy Dean (Residential Management & Discipline), CFS IIUM

Ust. Hasanul Basri Abdullah
Principal, MAB

Assistant Director
Mdm. Kamaril Azlah Teruk
Principal, Mahallah Zainab Jahsy


Mr. Mat Nasir Ismail
(Sponsorship, Preparation & Technical)

Ms. Shafiyyah Solehah Zahari
(Coordination & Welfare)

Br. Muhammad Zaidan Roslan

Assistant Manager
Sr. Nur Adibah Abdul Razak

Sr. Syazwani Anuar

Sr. Siti Nursyakirah Yuslan


Br. Muhammad Najib Abdul Malek
(Sponsorship Committee)

Br. Abdul Rahman Hj. Muhammad Firdaus
(Preparation & Technical Committee)

Br. Solehuddeen Shaatibi Zahari
(Coordination Committee)

Br. Muhammad Ameruddin Zulkifli
(Welfare Committee)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Caretaker of MAB MRC for Semester 2, 2012/2013

Covering President
Br. Wan Muhammad Azmil Akid Wan Mohd. Marzuki

Covering Secretary and Treasurer
Br. Awang Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin

Br. Aiman Haziq Hamizi
Br. Mohammad Zarif Mohd. Zahari
Br. Mohamed Noor Fadzly Hj. Ameerudeen

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Welcoming Statement for Semester 2, 2012/2013

On behalf of Principal, Manager, Fellows, Staffs and Representatives (MRC) of Mahallah Abu Bakar (MAB) (Petaling Jaya), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), I would like to welcome those who come back to MAB for Semester 2, 2012/2013 in the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS).

We also would like to welcome second intake students for 2012/2013 session who will register themselves by today.

Here I would like to announce that MRC will operate in minimal strength during this Semester 2 at MRC Operating Room (beside Student Common Room) of MAB as many MRC members are not taking short semester for 2012/2013 session. However, MAB MRC still receive reports or requests regarding to MAB matters. During this semester, I will operate MAB MRC together with Br. Mohamed Noor Fadzly Hj. Ameerudeen and Br. Aiman Haziq Hamizi. If there are no unforeseen circumstances, MRC will be in operation every Monday to Thursday, 4 pm to 6 pm and from 9 pm to 11 pm, InsyaAllah.

Mahallah Abu Bakar Office will operate like usual during this semester; every weekdays, 8 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm, except Friday, 8 am to 12.15 pm and from 2.45 pm to 5 pm.

Should you need assistance, please phone or text me at 017-2471850 or Br. Aiman at 019-2629211 or Br. Fadzly at 013-5706194, or you can come to MAB Office directly if there is report regarding basic problems of MAB.

Finally, we hoping for supports from MAB residents in serving MAB. Thank you for supporting MAB Office and MAB MRC.

Awang Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin
MAB MRC Vice Secretary
10 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012

RMDD CFS Staff Movement

Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), the centre in charge of residential college in Petaling Jaya Campus of IIUM, on 1 November 2012, make decisions to transfer:

  1. Ms. Rosinawani Mustafa (Mahallah Abu Bakar Office) to Mahallah Aisyah Office.
  2. Ms. Emelia Nadhira Sukimi (Mahallah Khadijah Office) to RMDD Office, Petaling Jaya.
  3. Br. Riduwan Mohammad Nor (Mahallah Fatimah az-Zahra Office) to Mahallah Abu Bakar Office.
  4. Mdm. Junaidah Yaakob (Mahallah Khadijah Office) to Mahallah Aisyah Office.
  5. Mdm. Norita Nanyan (Mahallah Aisyah Office) to Mahallah Khadijah Office.
  6. Ms. Martini Marzuki (Mahallah Zainab al-Jahsyi Office) to Mahallah Fatimah az-Zahra Office.

MAB would like to congratulate and thank Ms. Rosinawani for her service towards MAB. We wish all the best to Ms. Rosinawani in serving Mahallah Aisyah.

MAB then would like to welcome Br. Riduwan from Mahallah Fatimah az-Zahra. He will replace Ms. Rosinawani. We wish all the best to him in serving MAB.

Mahallah Programmes in Semester 1, 2012/2013

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله
Alhamdulillah. Praise be to Allah SWT who has help us to complete our Semester 1, 2012/2013. A bountiful Selawat we convey to Prophet Muhammad SAW, his most honourable family and companion.
Thank you, peoples of Mahallah Abu Bakar (MAB), for supporting our programmes during Semester 1, 2012/2013.
Here we announce programmes organized by MRC during Semester 1, 2012/2013.
  1. Imam Muda Tarawikh, 26 July until 15 August, after Isyak prayer, at MAB Musolla.
  2. Gegar Sahur, 30 July until 2 August, during Sahur, at MAB Lobby.
  3. Ramadhan Night Festival, 3 August, before Iftar, at al-Malik Faisal Hall. Officiated by the Dean, CFS IIUM, Professor Dr. Torla Hj. Hassan.
    [Mahallah Khadijah (MK) is the host. MAB is the collaborator.]
  4. Sayonara Ramadhan, 9 August, before Iftar, at MAB Musolla. Officiated by MAB Principal, Ustaz Hasanul Basri Abdullah.
  5. Slaughtering Course, 1 September, 8.00 am, at Mahallah Maryam, IIUM Gombak, Selangor.
    [Mahallah Maryam (MM) is the host. MAB is the participant.]
  6. MRC Mahabbah Day, 7 September, 3.00 pm, at MAB Multipurpose Hall.
    [Closed to MAB MRC members and Hisbah committee members]
  7. Hisbah Committee Management Course, 8-9 September, at MAB. Officiated by MAB Manager, Mr. Mat Nasir Ismail.
  8. Pray for Malaysia, 13 September, 7.00 pm, at MAB Musolla.
  9. Relocation of MRC Room, 14-15 September at Former Cyber Cafe Room, MAB.
    [Closed to MAB MRC members only]
  10. Video Presentation: Valley of the Wolves Palestine; 24 September, 9.00 pm, at al-Malik Faisal Hall.
  11. Muhibbah and Muslihah Team Launching Ceremony, and Forum: DemiMu, Ku Seru;  25 September, 9.00 pm, at al-Malik Faisal Hall. Officiated by Deputy Dean (Residential Management and Discipline), CFS IIUM, Mdm. Rose Haliza Harun.
    [MAB is the host. MK is the collaborator.]
  12. Grand Solat Hajat, 27 September, 7.00 pm, at MAB Musolla.

We wish we did the best in serving MAB through MAB programmes organized especially by MRC. Thank you for supporting us.

Programme report will be loaded in this website later. Sorry for inconvenience caused.

MAB MRC Secretariat

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Inter MRC Dinner

Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) organized a simple dinner yesterday (12 October) at Seminar Room to celebrate the graduation of MRC members who will graduate in this Semester 1, 2012/2013.

The function presided by Inter MRC Chairman, Br. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Firdaus (UMAFZ MRC). Also present is Maryam MRC (Gombak CFS) representatives.

Former Maryam MRC President, Br. Muhammad Adib Asyraf
Muhammad Shafiai, adressed MRC members.

Mahallah Abu Bakar MRC would like to congratulate MRC members who will graduate from CFS this semester. We wish all the best to them in further their undergraduate studies in Gombak Campus.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hisbah Committee Management Course

Committee members and participants of HCMC 2012

Hisbah Committee Members Management Course (HCMC) 2012 had been organized on 8-9 September 2012 in house (in the Mahallah). 33 representatives of Hisbah Committee joined this course. The programme had been launched by the Principal, Ustaz Hasanul Basri Abdullah on 8 September, and had been closed by the Manager, Br. Mat Nasir Ismail on the next day.

The programme teach the participants about making working paper, organizing programme and making report. The participants showed the best during working paper presentation on 9 September. 4 speakers conducted some sessions in this programme. The Principal gave the talk on Vision and Mission of the University. The Manager also gave the talk on essential skills for managers; while Br. Azhar Ahmad Sahabari gave a talk on working paper and report. Ust. Wan Najmuddin Wan Abdullah and Ust. Nurkhamimi Zainuddin also gave Tazkirah in Musolla, both about leadership and trust.

HCMC Working Committee congratulate all who had been participated in this HCMC.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

MRC's BOARD 2012/2013

بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Salam Eid Mubarak to all staffs and residents of MAB.
New Line up Mahallah Abu Bakar 2012/2013.

    -Pemburu Chenta-   

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Eid Mubarak

تقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الاعمال
May Allah receive our and your good deeds

من العائدين الفائزين المقبولين
Happy being those who celebrate, success and received his/her good deeds

كل عام وانتم بخير
May you will be good throughout the year

Mahallah Abu Bakar Representative Committee (MAB MRC) wishes you all, all staffs and residents of MAB, Eid Mubarak.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

MAB will be closed from 17 August at 4.00 pm to 26 August for Aidilfitri celebration and Mid Semester Vacation. For that, we also want to wish you all safe journey back to home and back to this CFS IIUM on this 26 August.

Sayonara Ramadhan Programme

Mahallah Principal gave Tazkirah during
Sayonara Ramadhan programme

Sayonara Ramadhan programme was organized on Thursday, 9 August 2012 at Mahallah Musolla. Hundreds of Mahallah residents presented there. Mahallah Principal, Ustaz Hasanul Basri Abdullah gave his Tazkirah on Ramadhan. Present at the programme was Mahallah Manager, Br. Mat Nasir Ismail and some fellows.

Ramadhan Night Festival 2012

RANIF 2012 Organizing Committee members with
Imam Muda Najdi

Ramadhan Night Festival 2012 was organized on Friday, 3 August 2012 at Al-Malik Faisal Hall. The programme was officiated by the Dean of CFS IIUM, Professor Dr. Torla Hj. Hassan. The programme was organized by Mahallah Khadijah Representative Committee (MK MRC) and Mahallah Abu Bakar MRC (MAB MRC). Hundreds of students presented in this programme. Professor Torla was give keynote address to Mahallah residents there.

The programme started on 6.30 pm with the Khatam al-Quran Ceremony by 12 selected students. Next, Iftar and Moreh was provided there. Maghrib, Isyak and Tarawih congregational prayer was established there leaded by Ustaz Che Abdul Majid Che Omar (for Maghrib and Isyak prayer) and Imam Muda Najdi (for Tarawih prayer). Besides, the programme also contained talk about "Ramadhan Seekers" by Imam Muda Najdi.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Iftar Porridge

Br. Muizz and Br. Zaidan during Iftar Porridge
with Mahallah Zainab Jahsy MRC
Iftar Porridge programme had been organized on Saturday, 28 July 2012 at Mahallah Zainab Jahsy (MZJ) lobby. The programme had been organized by MZJ MRC (as the host) in collaboration with Mahallah Abu Bakar (MAB) MRC. Present at the programme was MZJ Principal, Madam Kamaril Azlah Teruk; MAB Principal, Ustaz Hasanul Basri Abdullah and some fellows. Also present was President of Mahallah Umar al-Khattab and Fatimah az-Zahra (UMAFZ) MRC, Brother Abdul Rahman Muhammad Firdaus, representing UMAFZ MRC.

MZJ and MAB MRC managed to cook 6 crater of Kampung Baru Bubur Lambuk throughout the day before being distributed to MZJ and MAB residents. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ramadhan Kareem

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

رمضان كريم
Have a blessed Ramadhan

مبارك عليكم الشهر
May you will be blessed throughout the month of Ramadhan

تقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الاعمال
May Allah approve your and our good worship

Mahallah Abu Bakar Representative Committee (MAB MRC) wishes all especially MAB residents Ramadhan Kareem. Happy Ramadhan to you all. In conjunction with this Ramadhan, we want to remind ourselves and you all to upgrade our worship to Allah SWT. As you know, Ramadhan promised times of rewards for us. May Allah reply our worship throughout this Ramadhan with His blessings and amnesties.

InsyaAllah, MAB MRC will collaborate with Mahallah Khadijah MRC to organize Ramadhan Night Festival 2012. It will be organized on 3 August at CFS Field. Next, MAB will organize MAB Grand Iftar on 8 August at al-Malik Faisal Hall, CFS. Any information about both of programmes will be announced later.

If you have any inquiries about Ramadhan programmes in MAB, you can contact Br. Mohammad Zarif Mohd. Zahari (010-4051885).

Again, we wishes you Happy Ramadhan. Have a blessed Ramadhan.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New MRC Line-up for 2012/13

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

MRC CFS IIUM 2012/13 during MRC-LTC 2012 on 6-8 July 2012
at Seri Malaysia, Bagan Lalang, Sepang, Selangor.
(Photo: Muhammad Zaidan Roslan)

First of all, we would like to thank Mahallah Abu Bakar Representative Committee (MAB MRC) members 2011/12 for their good deeds in serving this MAB. I pray may Allah always grace them. Amin.

Next, I would like to announce the new MAB MRC line-up for 2012/13, as follows:

Muhammad Zaidan Roslan

Vice President
Wan Muhammad Azmil Akid Wan Mohd. Marzuki

Muhammad Najib Abdul Malek

Vice Secretary
Awang Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin

Ahmad Noor Fikri Zainol

Executive Committee
Mohamad Afzan Fahmie Jamaluddin (Discipline)
Mohamed Noor Fadzly Ameerudeen (Publication & Information)
Mohammad Zarif Mohd. Zahari (Dakwah & Training)
Muhammad Ameruddin Zulkifli (Welfare & Residential Affairs)
Aiman Haziq Hamizi (Sports & Recreation)
Noor Awis Kamsani (Art & Culture)

We already started our operation last week (3 July). We'll serve the Mahallah better, InsyaAllah.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

RMDD-MRC Appreciation Ceremony


Alhamdulillah. On the 15th May 2012, RMDD staffs and MRC members have been gathered in a splendid event held at Kompleks Tabung Haji, Kelana Jaya. The ceremony was to appreciate all the works that all RMDD staffs and MRC members have put their pretty efforts in. All MRC members have done their best to serve the residents with activities and inputs.

The ceremony went smoothly with the mouth-watering delicacies served and wonderful performances. Few awards were also presented during this special occasion. These were a few of them. The awards are as follows :

Best President : Che Abdul Rahman Mohamad, President of Mahallah Umar al-Khattab/ Fatimah Az-Zahrah
Best Mahallah : Mahallah Khadijah
Best MRC : MRC Mahallah Zainab Jahsy

Our 'career' as the MRC members halt at this point at once. We would like to seek for apology for any unfavourable circumstances that may discomfort you by any chance. Not to forget, if there is any of our works and serves did not live up to your expectations, we apologize to you. We have done our parts to our best, yet Allah the One who decides.

These are the pictures captured during the occasion. ENJOY!!

 Antara staff RMDD yang turut hadir..

 MRC Mahallah Abu Bak'r

MRC Mahallah Umar al-Khattab/ Fatimah az-Zahrah 

 MRC Mahallah Khadijah

Antara MRC Mahallah Aisyah 

MRC Mahallah Zainab Jahsy 

Antara persembahan yang dipentaskan... 

Our VIPs.. 

Best President : Che Abdul Rahman, MRC UMAFZ 



Saguhati dari MRC MAB 

Kek sempena Hari Ibu dan Hari Guru 

Dalam Kenangan... 

MRC Memories..

Alhamdulillah. Everything went well. That's all from us, all fellow MRC CFSIIUM Session 2011/2012. We hope to meet you again next session with all new and fresh line-ups of MRC members. 

*I, Muhamad Nazrin Syafiq bin Khairi, Secretary MRCMAB Session 2011/2012, as the admin of the blog for the session would like to seek for apology to fellow readers for whatever inconveniences that I've caused you. Pardon my wrongdoings and my English.. =) I am now officially signed out as the blog author for the session.*

Wallahu a'alam...