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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Education : Cambodians Need A Hand



Since 2010, Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) of Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia (CFSIIUM) has conducted two community service programme international level at Madarasah Darul Ulum, Poi Pet, Cambodia. The programme are now at its final stage and our main objective is to ensure the construction of the library to be completed.

Once completed, it will be the first resource centre for muslim community in Poi Pet, province of Benty Mency, Cambodia.

Currently, the library is the only hope of the people of Darul Ulum to see their children and the students to get a better education and strive to be the leader of their community in the future so that it will be a strong milestone for the community to strive and be independent in facing future challenges.

As a reminder, wealth and property are a trust from Allah (SWT). Those who violate this trust will be answerable to Allah while those who fulfill their trust will be rewarded accordingly by Allah. Sadaqah Jaariyah which refers to charity or donation given generates perpetual continuous income of reward in this world and the Hereafter until the Day of Qiyamah.

The Holy Quran appropriately states: "And whatever you present for yourself (for that life) you will find it by Allah (SWT)." (Sura 73 Verse 20)

From the above we learn that our wealth and property are a trust from Allah and that we should use this trust as Islam teaches us such as for the benefit of society and to prepare for the Akhirah. May Allah (SWT) guide each one of us in our intentions and actions.

Hence, to everybody outside there who would like to be part of us in this journey or to contribute any kind of CONTRIBUTION @ DONATION, do feel free to do so.
You may directly contact :

Bro Taifunisyam Taib (013-3275675) OR

Madam Asmeza Arjan (012-6070850)

May ALLAH bless us all for this little help.

Also, YOU who are the kind-heart could contact this blog admin through comments here. InsyaAllah, Allah sees all your good deeds, even it comes from the little heart. HELP US TO HELP THEM..

Wallahu a'alam..

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