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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lau Kana Bainana Ya Rasulullah


"Rasulullah s.a.w (peace be upon him) is the best role model of all." 

That is what we usually hear from people to people. We claim that he is the best example in every aspect of life, from the way he wears things until the way he established his sacrifices towards ummah. Yet, to what extent we REALLY materialize all the claims that we have for him?

If we truly look the way of the current ummah behave, some may wonder;

"Is this what Islam teach us? To wear inappropriately in the public? To tell lies? To do this and that?.."

Well, the list goes on. If some Christians may believe that the Santa Claus will list down the people with good and bad deeds, so, why don't us believe that there are Raqib and 'Atid that are always accompanying us and also jot down everything we deed, all the time??

Yes my brothers and sisters. The angels are always keeping us accompany, and definitely Allah will be watching us all the time. Watching us inside and out. Do we really realize that??

"Subhanallah!! Frankly speaking, most of the time I didn't realize that.."

It's good to know that we realize that. But remember! Allah had sent us apostles to walk us to the path of the rights. He won't let us go uncertainly without a guidance. The proof is He sent us Prophet Muhammad s.a.w to show us the lifestyle of Islamic perspective. Hence, we should obey and follow him. However..

"If Rasulullah is among us right now, what will you say to him??"

"Erk.. I don't know what to say.."

"Why you say so?? You said that he's the best role model ever. So, you will be the one who want to meet him, won't you??

"I don't think that I'm ready. Yes, I did say that he's the best role model. But will he believe me if I say that I'm one of his followers? Will he be smiling at me wearing the short pants and wearing this so-called necklace as a man?? Or will he be smiling with the tears of the broken hearts looking at his followers like me? Will he be glad to meet me or will he be not?"

"So, why don't you try to be like him? Following his sunnahs. Remembering him in selawat.."

".... I'm speechless (tears broken..)"

Yeah. People may think that the way he or she says may proclaim him or herself as the Prophet's followers. Indeed, action speaks louder than words. So, ask ourselves..

"Would we make the Prophet smile while we be like what we be now, astray from the right paths?"

"Can we remember him as much as he remembered us, to his final breath?"

"Can we follow his sunnah as much as we can, despite of what other people may think?"

"Can we be a good follower of the prophets?"

"Do we really take him as our best role model of life?"

So again we ask ourselves;

"To what extent we REALLY materialize all the claims that we have for him?"

Wallahu a'alam..

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