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Monday, 26 September 2011

Raya Gathering by KC Principal


mind not any error in this photo.. *kalau nak tahu, cari sendiri. =)

As can be seen above, a House Warming & Hari Raya Gathering ceremony was held by the Mahallah Khadijah Principal, Usth Noor Asiah Aling at her new house, next to a nursery in Mahallah Khadijah. The ceremony took place on the 25th September 2011 on the bright Sunday, started from 12 pm to 4 pm. 

Many of the invited guests are among the MRCs ourselves, and also the staffs and fellows. The gathering was merrily held with its exclusive and definitely delicious cuisine, specially made for the invited guests. Among of those are Nasi Arab, Nasi Kerabu (specially cooked by the Principal herself), Mee & Bihun Sup, Kuih, Puddings, Ketupat, Rojak Buah, and not to forget the freshly-made orange drink. 

The air of the gathering was filled with laughter, chats, etc.. It was definitely an exciting yet grateful experience having Raya Gathering in the approaching of the end of Syawal, plus stepping in to the house of a principal. (Yes, the house looks nice... ) These are some photos taken during the gathering. ENJOY!

Puan Rumah, Usth Asiah Aling

tak tahu ni anak sapa, tapi yang penting dia ni comel la..

kerenah di dapur

antara hidangan yang terhidang

guest who?? =)

'eksesori' nasi kerabu

delegasi MRC UMAIF

our MAB President, Azfar Rahimi

mungkin sedap sangat kot nasi kerabu yang dimakan sampai terekspresi sebegitu..

President UMAIF, Che Abdul Rahman

bertudung hitam, President ZC, sis Amanina

MRC UMAIF, Abdul Rahman


MRC MAB, Eusoffe

meriah sungguh suasana di luar rumah..

MRC KC.. baju coklat tu President KC, sis Hanani 
*yang baju biru tu bukan MRC ye.. =)

sebahagian MRC MAB..

Bro Pahsha Ismail dan keluarga

kanak2 juga tak ketinggalan memeriahkan suasana..

keberangkatan pulang MRC MAB..
Alhamdulillah.. Greatest gratitude we express to Usth Asiah Aling and family for inviting us, MRC MAB to this great ceremony. InshaAllah, with baraqah from Allah and moral support from ourselves we could inculcate the spirit of togetherness in the enlivenment of Islam in CFS IIUM. And if there is any other ceremony that you wish to hold, we would be pleasure to fulfill the invitation. =)

wallahu a'alam..


mcshacomel said...

suka...suka.....credit to Nazreen.....mab 126

Azizah Aling said...

Thanks a bunch on your willingness to be part of the joy and making this event a glorious one!

Credit to Brother Nazrin for the nice review and the rave comments.

Insya Allah, should we organize the same event in the future, the rest of you won't be forgotten.

We tender our deepest apology for any inconvenience caused throughout the event. Allahu yubareek feek.

mrcmab said...

thanks a lot for the comments... =) insyaAllah, kalau ada event lagi, kita update lg ye..