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Sunday, 25 September 2011

CFS Nilai Raya Gathering


On 22nd September 2011, an Eidul Fitri Gathering was held at CFS IIUM Nilai campus, which specifically took place at the CFS Nilai main futsal courts. Unlike previous years, the administration of CFS IIUM decided to hold the gathering there as to enjoin the Eidul Fitri celebration of both campuses together.

The gathering was attended by the honour Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, Dato' Seri Utama Haji Mohamad Haji Hassan, the Deputy Rector of IIUM, the Dean of CFS IIUM, Deputy Deans and not to forget, the fellows, lecturers and students of both campuses. The gathering started as the honourable guests arrived at the event, which accompanied by the music accompaniment, played by a student group of 'gamelan' musical. There were two buses of staffs and students from CFS Petaling Jaya that merrymaking the event.

These are some pics snapped at the gathering. We apologize for not taking many photos at this time event. ENJOY!

Rahman, wakil MRC UMAIF yang turut serta dalam event ni

Menghadap Mahallah Abdul Rahman 'Auf... *abaikan sis dan bro dalam pic ni.

Afiq Sulaim, wakil MRC MAB di event ini.

Suasana masjid di CFS Nilai..

Pemandangan event dari masjid CFS Nilai..

Hopefully, the event will be conducted again in the near future as it strengthen the bond of ukhuwwah between  the two campuses. InshaAllah..

Wallahu a'alam.

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