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Friday, 9 September 2011



Last Ramadhan, hisbah Salman Al-Farisi had organized a charity iftar with orphans from Rumah Anak Yatim At-Taqwa, Puchong. The event was held on 22nd August 2011 at Musolla Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq, with the presence of fellows and principal. The ceremony aimed to strengthen the brotherhood among the members of the hisbah family plus to bridge the gap between the students and the needy orphans. This made them more aware of those who unfortunates.

The events started at 6.30 pm with the arrival of students, fellows, staffs, principal and the invited guests. Speeches were given by the principal of the mahallah, Ust Hasanul Basri and also the representative from Rumah Anak Yatim At-Taqwa, Puchong. The iftar was then started right after the azan of maghrib heard. The iftar gained more awareness among the students and also the community. Let's take a look at the photos taken during the event...
hisbah members and the orphans at the mahallah foyer

the musolla becomes merrier as the guests arrived

queuing.. the food looks so indulging. hihi

yup. there is no sisters in the mahallah. Those are from FSCC (if I'm not mistaken) so that the girls from the orphanage won't be like 'segan' there.

the principal with the VIPs..

the food look SOO delicious

same goes here..

the little one looks cute. 

the men behind the scene.. 

yeah.. the 'kuih' was good

maghrib congregational prayer after the iftar

the kids from the orphanage

The mahallah really hope that all residents would make an advantage handling events to nurture the sense of belonging and leadership towards other people. InsyaAllah, we also hope that more of such events would be held in the future. CONGRATULATIONS HISBAH SALMAN AL-FARISI!!

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