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Friday, 9 December 2011

Mahallah Vacation and Registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012


We would like to announce the important dates of mahallah vacation and registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012.

And here some changes that would be made for Semester 3, 2011/2012.

1. Mahallah Aisyah will be changed to a sister' mahallah, which specifically will be reserved for Mahallah Ummu Salamah, Nilai.
2. The most of the former residents of Mahallah Aisyah will be placed in Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq. Others will be placed in Mahallah Umar Al-Khattab.
3. Mahallah Abdul Rahman 'Auf residents will be placed in Mahallah Fatimah Az-Zahra and Mahallah Umar al-Khattab.
4. In Mahallah Abu Bak'r, each room will be occupied with 12 beds or more which means it will be occupied with 12 to 14 persons in a room (subject to different room). Yet, this will be commencing in Semester 1, 2012/2013.
4. All changes may subject to change in the future. However, these are the situations that will be happening in the next semester. InsyaAllah.



(SEMESTER VACATION : 29th Dec. 2011 – 7th  Jan. 2012)

29th Dec. 2011 (Thursday)

Last date to check out/
sign out  and return room keys

i)   Students must check-out and return key in person.

ii)  Those who had finished their exam may check-out earlier than the date mentioned.

iii) Those who intend to go back during weekend  must check-out on Friday and may keep
      the key on borrowing basis.  The borrowed key must be put in the envelope and drop it
       in-to the box provided in-front of  Mahallah Office. A maximum of RM50.00  penalty will
       be imposed to those who failed  to return the keys.

iv)  Consideration also is asked to those who want to go home after office hours during
       weekdays to do the  same procedure as above, as long as you do check-out earlier.
v) All students must evacuate their rooms and all rooms must be left clean and tidy.  A
     maximum penalty of RM50.00 will be imposed to each occupants who failed to do so.
29th Dec. 2011 (Thursday)
Last date to apply for Live In during Vacation (LIDV)
i) Students who intend to stay during the vacation are required to register and fill in the LIDV form at the Mahallah Office.

ii) Students who Live In during vacation  (LIDV) without permission will be imposed a maximum penalty of RM50.00.
29th Dec. 2011 (Thursday)
Last date for Clearance of summon
Your result might be withheld, if you fail to pay the fine.

8th Jan. 2012-10th Jan. 2012
(Sunday – Tuesday)
9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Mahallah Registration for Semester 3, 2011/2012
i)   Please produce your matric card and overnight card during  mahallah registration and check-in / sign in for Sem 3, 2011/2012. (Please adhere to the time mentioned)

ii)  Those who failed to register within the stipulated dates, a maximum penalty of RM50.00 will be imposed.


1.    All students are not allowed to keep their belongings in the locker.  The mahallah office will   not be responsible for any loss/damage of your personal belongings.

2.    Before you leave for vacation, make sure your room is cleaned, all windows are closed and the              light , fan and plug point are switched off. Summon will be imposed for those who failed to                 follow the instruction given.

3.    All offences mentioned above are in accordance with the procedure in Mahallah Standing        Order  Rules 34 of Students’ Discipline Rules 2004 , (Amendment 2006).

4.    Any ENQUIRIES please refer to the Mahallah Office.

Wallahu a'alam..


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