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Friday, 9 December 2011

Mahallah Abu Bak'r Short Film Contest


kaifa hal brothers?? Here, we bring you a new dimension of contest, the first ever short film contest in CFSIIUM that promises you great prizes to be carried away. All you have to do is make an interesting, moral value-based short film.


Every experience needs a kick start to be made. Who knows!! It might be your brightest talent that you may never imagined possible. Grab this golden opportunity before it's too late. It's not that hard to make a short film right??

Details of the contest:

Duration  : Starts now until 10th February 2012
Genre      : It could be anything. Eg; horror, comedy, action... BUT, it shall contain Islamic values as prescribed by the Shari'a
Fee         : It's FREE
The length of the short film : 7 - 15 minutes

1. It shall be in groups; 4 to 5 persons in a group.
2. The participants shall submit the short films direct to Mahallah Abu Bak'r Mahallah Office, to any MRCMAB members or through email, mrcmab@gmail.com
3. The contest is opened to all Mahallah Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq residents only.
4. All participants shall be credited with STAR points that is necessary when you are in main campus.

The short film :

1. You are allowed to use any languages you are used to, yet there ought to be complemented with English subtitles.
2. Injunctions of the Shari'a must be observed in the film thoroughly. Eg; cover your awrah, no free-mingling with the opposite sex.
3. The filming location MUST be made in the mahallah/campus compound. The creativity of using other locations are optional. Eg; journey from hometown, etc...
4. It shall include the title and the credit. Others are optional.

Easy right?? What are you waiting for? Don't just sit there idly and watch! Grab your camera or whatsoever and start FILMING NOW!! Be the new Islamic-oriented actors/actresses and directors that CFSIIUM ever creates. Don't wait for others to start. You'll make the changes. HURRY!! Time's ticking.

For guidance, we provide some examples that you could learn from.

1. Done by Students from IIUM Kuantan

2. Done by students who are studying abroad.

wallahu a'alam..


mcshacomel said...

ini staff boleh masuk tak??

eszwan said...

nak hantar peers punye video boleh?? hehehe

mrcmab said...

staff?? ni student je.. hahaha.. eszwan, kene original la.. and baca jugak syarat2 nye..

Muhammad Faris 'Azim said...

wah, video senior sekolah jadi contoh la. :)

mrcmab said...

yeke?? so, apalagi? buat la video setanding dgn video senior anda tu.. tapi kali ni dgn hadiah yg bakal anda bawa pulang..

Anonymous said...

looking forward for this.
although prize x la gempak sgt.
anyways minat punye psal!
n doing it for Allah~

team up anyone?

mrcmab said...

anonymous, insyaAllah kalau penyertaan memberansangkan, kami boleh consider untuk hadiah2 sampingan.. =) ajak la ramai2 lagi..
thats the spirit we want