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Thursday, 17 November 2011

"Cover your aurah, guys!"


The matter of aurah has never been a relief to our climate of Muslim community nowadays. Anywhere and everywhere, particularly in Malaysia, you could see this injunction of Allah is not being uphold firmly by our Muslim, be it from the brothers and sisters themselves.

Back to the reality. We could never escape from making mistakes. And they are kinds of mistakes that are intently done for. For us, the brothers, we usually blame the sisters for not covering their aurah and we always keep blaming them for what ever it means. YES! It is our responsibility to rebuke what they have done wrong. Yet, do realize that we also have our part to be settled beforehand.

From what we can see, brothers seem to have no worries at all in the matter of covering their aurah in the public. (though some may have to take this matter seriously..) We only have to cover our aurah starting from navel to knee only. There is no problem when we are in public. To classes, outings, meetings and so on.

The problem is when we are NOT in public, such as in our rooms, toilets, mahallah corridors, kiosk, etc.. Places like that, which could not be seen by the sisters. Yes! We only cover our aurah when we feel like there will be no sisters at such places. That's a huge mistake guys! Aurah for us when we are among the brothers are the same as when we are seeing the sisters. From NAVEL to KNEE. And what's up with the boxers, shorts, and stuffs like that?? We need to change guys!! CHANGE!!

Sometimes we don't realize things when they have become habits, right? But, there is a Malay saying that we could learn from, "Biasakan yang betul, betulkan yang biasa". Means, we should not keep on doing the same wrong habit and try to make the rights familiar instead. Aurah is our PRIDE and DIGNITY. Don't lose them to the eyes of others which will devastate us in the Judgement Day next.

wallahu a'alam..

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