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Saturday, 12 November 2011

10 Wills of Hasan Al-Banna


As-Syahid Hasan Al-Banna was a schoolteacher and an imam, best known as the founder of Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwanul Muslimin. He bequeathed us 10 wills that utterly supposed to be followed by today's Muslims. They are:

1. Upon hearing the azan prayers rose up immediately for prayer, whatever are the circumstances.

2. Read the Quran, scrutinize science books, go to the councils of science, and practice Zikirullah and do not waste time in things that have no benefit (lagha)

3. Try to speak in Arabic Fushah because the right Arabic language is symbol of Islam.

4. Do not argue in any matter whatsoever for the argument is empty and of any benefit.

5. Do not laugh so much since heart that is in constant contact with God is always quiet yet peaceful.

6. Do not joke too much as for people who are in struggle will understand not but serious commitment at all times.

7. Do not talk louder than the levels required by the listener because of a loud conversation that was a pointless act and even hurt people feeling.

8. Stay away from gossips, personal snub at people, condemnation of the organizations, and do not speak except for good.

9. Get to know each Muslim encountered because the missionary movement is the basic networking and brotherhood love.

10. Our obligations requires more time than that is available to us, so use time well and simplify its implementation.

We hope that all of us can together remain in our saff to fulfill the wills of his and Rasulullah to the fullest of our accord, InshaAllah.

wallahu a'alam..

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