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Monday, 10 October 2011

Mahallah Training 2011


On the 5th - 7th October 2011, MRC UMAIF in collaboration with MRC MAB had organized Mahallah Training (MATRA) 2011 at Pulau Pangkor, Perak. This 3-day-2-night programme took it place right after the end-semester examination finished and about 70 participants and committees from UMAIF and MAB signed up.  The theme, "Survival & Adventurous" remained intact with all circumstances through out the programme.

Settling in tents, taking bath by the shore, self-cooking, no lights but the fire; etc.. that really kind of survival, isn't it?? Roughly, we started our journey from CFS IIUM at 9 a.m and reached there at Pantai Teluk Nipah at 3 p.m. Settling down our things, unpacked, lunch, and started the Ice Breaking and Group Binding.. At night, there was a session with principals and fellows.

On the next day, we had jungle tracking at nearby jungle. SERIOUSLY! It was kinda tiring.. We started at about 10 a.m and ceased by 1 p.m. With the tiring body, we started to cook for lunch. At night, we had a night game, named, "Candle War Game". And right after that, we had barbecue which had been prepared by the committees and the participants. At 2 a.m (if not mistaken), there was raining cats and dogs. YES! It wet-ed all things, including the people in the tent.. =(

On the last day, we had an explorace. Kinda tough though. =) After that, closing ceremony, prize giving ceremony and depart to CFS IIUM.. OOPS! Before I forget, all participants and committees had not taken their bath because we were running of time. Plus, it was a "SURVIVAL & ADVENTUROUS" though. hihi. We bathed at the jetty.

These are some photos taken there. ENJOY!

berkumpul dpn FAZ

punggah barang setibanya di Jeti Lumut

dari belakang: Ust Hasan, Bro Mat Nasir & Bro Taifu

unggun api waktu malam..

session with Principals and fellows

briefing sebelum jungle tracking

muka macam dah pancit je.. hihi

kumpul dulu lepaskan lelah lepas keluar hutan


bincang resepi nak buat air ke?? hihi...

ni tabib of the day, DrChe



hadiah tuk penghulu kita..

ni tertidur lena dalam bas

ni time nak naikkan khemah..

memang survival betul gayanya..

R&R dalam hutan ke?? huhu..

letih sangat kot..

These are only some of those taken there. For more, DO click Part 1 & Part 2.

Alhamdulillah.. With the cooperation from all committees and participants, MATRA 2011 was a success. We hope that students in the CFS IIUM would participate in any activities organized in and out of the campus. With the blessing from Allah, we are looking forward to such activities to be organized in the near future. InsyaAllah..


smilenajah93 said...

banyaknye gambar ~

mrcmab said...

ni pun sebahagian je.. ada lagi gmbr. nak tgk, klik pada link yg ada.. =) thnx for blogwalking..

Anonymous said...

"barbecue which had been prepared by the committees"...???


Dont you forget that the committees commanded participants from several groups to cooked them?


mrcmab said...

so silly of me to say this, I'm sorry for the mistake during the trip and the writing here.

First. actually, we were planning to have barbecue together, including the bakar2 and siang2 ikan things.. but, FYI, we changed the plan. we decided to do it ourselves as a sign of apology for letting some of you having lunch late. since we, the committees were not that strong to carry along with it that night, we ask for HELP to do the barbecue. because we think at least the participants could have some experience making that bakar2 things.

Second. I'm really sorry for not mentioning the participants together with the comiittees as i'm writing this. we know that you are a part of this event. hope that i've make it clear for you. From the bottom of our heart, we would like to seek for apology from you. any thing that make you inconvenience, we are SORRY for that. thank you..

Faris 'Azim said...

great adventure.

Anonymous said...

hi admin, gambar dari cam sapekah itu? haha..

mrcmab said...

hi anonymous.. gambar ni dari cam president mab, bro Mohamad Azfar Rahimi b Abdul Razak.. =)
dan ada juga gambar dr henpon admin sndri.. yg lawa2 tu dr cam pres sbb dia punya cam mahal.. huhu..