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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ikhtilat While Handling Program


Collaboration between brothers and sisters is undeniably exist in any event organized by societies or organization. This relation makes an event runs smoothly due to the bond of togetherness in handling program. Plus, it makes the participants comfortable with any circumstances that in need of certain gender to handle them. YES! This relation is approved in the name of "we are in the same team, so we need to work together to make the task given to us flows smoothly..". 

Brothers and sisters,

Islam DOES approved us to work together in mixing genders. YET, there are some guidelines that we should take good  and serious observation onto them. This guidelines are called IKHTILAT.

1. If possible, AVOID any contact with your opposite sex IF there are ones among you who are good at certain field. For sisters, you should ask for help from other sisters and same goes to the brothers. And surely there are situations that are in need of help from opposite sex. Yes! You can ask for help and that's it. No further relation that might contribute to sins (major and minor).

2. If you are happened to be in situation that needs you to contact your opposite sex, PREFERABLY by text only. And you should observe your words. Straight to the point, short and simple. Islam knows that there are times that we need to speak face to face or by phone with our opposite sex, so it allows us to do so but with condition:

Wives of the Prophet! You are unlike any other women: if you truly fear God, do not speak too soft, lest any who is sick at heart should be moved with desire; but speak in an appropriate manner       (Al-Ahzab, 33:32)
Speak with appropriate manner.

3. Observe our distance with the opposite sex. Never sit next to each other too close. We should have our distance so that our ikhtilat is conserved and our iman, InsyaAllah is conserved.

4. Make our deal with him or her or them short and simple. Don't drag too long and away from what it should be. For sisters, when meeting with brothers, DO have accompaniment from your fellow sisters to avoid any unpredictable things from happening (not being bias on any gender). Plus, we should meet in an open place or suitable places that people surround know of our presence.

5. Lower our gaze. Don't see strike to our opposite sex eyes. It might cause us sin from zina (eyes and heart). BEWARE GUYS!!

6. Wear appropriate clothes. Observe our limitations of aurah.

We hope that with this few guidelines, we can together make program is a better situation and experience to have in our life. Handling program with one aim, which is to attain MARDHATILLAH, is our main target. Insya Allah..

wallahu a'alam..

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