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Friday, 3 May 2013

MRC Abu Bakar 2012/2013: We Rest Our Cases

Mahallah Abu Bakar, CFS IIUM

We are so sorry for not updating this website for a long time. Actually, we are busy in executing our tasks as committee members of the International Community Service Programme (ICOS) 2013.

Some Programmes Before Dissolution

For your information, Mahallah Abu Bakar Representative Committee (MAB MRC) 2012/2013 was dissolute on 30 April 2013 after organizing a small MAB Appreciation Ceremony and Grand Solat Hajat on that day. The programme is attended by the MAB Principal, Ustaz Hasanul Basri Abdullah, some Hisbah representatives and Muhibbah Team representatives. That programme symbolized dissolution of MAB MRC, Hisbah Committees and Muhibbah Team.

On that day, we welcome our guests (visiting residents of MAB), students of the Science and Technology Preparatory Centre (PPST), Malaysian University of Sabah (UMS) with a small dinner ceremony together with the Principal and the MRC members. For your information, students of PPST UMS went here for the Battle of Nasyeedian Competition (BON) 2013, organized by the Foundation Students Coordination Council (FSCC), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM); Culture and Art Club (CAC) of the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) and Nasyeed Edutainment Sdn. Bhd. (Nasyeed.Com).

Nasyid team from PPST, UMS. They performed during
BON 2013, on 1 May 2013.
(Picture: Br. Muhammad Daniel Baharudin)
Before that, MRC Abu Bakar held some programmes in March and April; for instance, Burger Fiesta, ICOS 2013 Promotion outside CFS IIUM and Weekly Tazkirah.

RMD Appreciation Ceremony 2013

Yesterday (2 May), Office of the Deputy Dean (Residential Management and Discipline) (RMD), CFS IIUM, organized RMD Appreciation Ceremony 2013 at Sri Bestari Hall, INTEKMA Resort, Shah Alam, Selangor. The ceremony was officiated by the Dean of CFS, Professor Dr. Torla Hj. Hassan. Also attend the ceremony was the Director of CFS, Dato' Abdul Rahim Ahmad, Deputy Dean (RMD) of CFS, Mdm. Rose Haliza Haron, Deputy Dean (Student Development) of CFS, Br. Izdihar Ishak and representatives from Security Management Office, Finance Department and Administration & Service Department.

In the ceremony, Mdm. Rose Haliza Haron congratulates all Mahallat for organizing 397 Mahallah-level and Hisbah-level programmes throughout the academic session of 2012/2013.

There are performances from our Vice President of MRC, Br. Wan Muhammad Azmil Akid Wan Mohd. Marzuki; an EXCO from MRC Umar al-Khattab & Fatimah az-Zahra (UMAFZ), Br. Hasyim Nawwaf Mohd. Mokhtar (member of Major-9 Nasyid team); a member of Zayyan Nasyid team, Br. Azid Azidee Latif and his friend, Br. Saufi, a guitarist. Both of Br. Azid and Br. Saufi is from Mahallah Umar al-Khattab (MUK).

Yesterday, RMD CFS appreciate all peoples and collaborators of RMD for making services of RMD CFS and its offices and committees throughout the academic session of 2012/2013 successful.

In this statement, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those who had been awarded, yesterday:

  • The Best Hisbah (MAB): Hisbah Abu Dzar al-Ghifari
    (There is also best Hisbah awards for other Mahallat)
  • Hisbah of the Year: Hisbah Nailah al-Farafisyah (Mahallah Zainab al-Jahsy)
  • The Best Member of MRC: Sr. Nur Adibah Abdul Razak (MRC Khadijah)
  • MRC of the Year: MRC Zainab al-Jahsy
  • Mahallah of the Year: Mahallah Aisyah
  • The Best Staff: Mdm. Junaidah Yaakob (Manager, Mahallah Aisyah)

MRC CFS IIUM 2012/2013

The End from Us

The academic session of 2012/2013 is in the end. MAB succeeded in holding many Intra Mahallah programmes – for instance, Muhibbah Team, Forum: DemiMu, Ku Seru, and many more – and in assisting some Inter Mahallah programmes – for instance, Ramadhan Night Festival 1433/2012, Mahallah Ethical Transformation Campaign (MAETCAM) 2013, and many more – throughout academic year 2012/2013. Other than that, our executives of MAB, including the Principal, fellows, administrative staffs, MRC members and Hisbah representatives, also succeeded in serving MAB throughout this academic session after go through obstacles and challenges. Alhamdulillah.

Truly, it’s an honour to us – as a group of the trustees of MAB – to serve and be responsible towards MAB in the academic session of 2012/2013. After our dissolution, we wish Allah will accept our works and efforts towards CFS IIUM, especially towards MAB. Together with this statement, we pray, may Allah SWT helps us in continue our service towards our beloved Islam and Malaysia, especially our beloved CFS IIUM.

We thank you all, especially MAB residents, for your support, advices, pray and cooperation during our service time in MAB. Forgive us for our faults, mistakes and sins throughout this academic session. We pledge to improve ourselves to be the better persons, InsyaAllah.

Finally, we wish Allah SWT will grant us His bless, grace and forgiveness towards us. Amin ya Rabb al-Alamin.

Thank you, all, for making our services towards MAB CFS IIUM successful!

MAB Administration:
Ustaz Hasanul Basri Abdullah, Principal
Mr. Mat Nasir Ismail, Manager
Mr. Abdul Rahim Sulaiman, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Riduwan Mohammad Nor, Administrative Assistant

MAB Board of Fellows:
Br. Pahsha Ismail
Ustaz Wan Najmuddin Wan Abdullah
Br. Azhar Ahmad Sahabari
Br. Mohd. Rifzal Mohd. Shariff
Ustaz Mohamad Khaidir Sahid
Br. Mohd. Salmee Mohd. Sari
Ustaz Nurkhamimi Zainuddin
Br. Mohd. Nasri Abdul Manan
Br. Muhammad Ashraf Fauzi
Br. Samsul Rohaizad Md. Jemoner

Muhammad Zaidan Roslan, President
Wan Muhammad Azmil Akid Wan Mohd. Marzuki, Vice President
Muhammad Najib Abdul Malek, Secretary
Awang Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin, Vice Secretary
Ahmad Noor Fikri Zainol, Treasurer
Mohamed Noor Fadzly Ameerudeen
Mohammad Zarif Mohd. Zahari
Muhammad Ameruddin Zulkifli
Aiman Haziq Hamizi
Noor Awis Kamsani

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