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Friday, 9 November 2012

RMDD CFS Staff Movement

Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), the centre in charge of residential college in Petaling Jaya Campus of IIUM, on 1 November 2012, make decisions to transfer:

  1. Ms. Rosinawani Mustafa (Mahallah Abu Bakar Office) to Mahallah Aisyah Office.
  2. Ms. Emelia Nadhira Sukimi (Mahallah Khadijah Office) to RMDD Office, Petaling Jaya.
  3. Br. Riduwan Mohammad Nor (Mahallah Fatimah az-Zahra Office) to Mahallah Abu Bakar Office.
  4. Mdm. Junaidah Yaakob (Mahallah Khadijah Office) to Mahallah Aisyah Office.
  5. Mdm. Norita Nanyan (Mahallah Aisyah Office) to Mahallah Khadijah Office.
  6. Ms. Martini Marzuki (Mahallah Zainab al-Jahsyi Office) to Mahallah Fatimah az-Zahra Office.

MAB would like to congratulate and thank Ms. Rosinawani for her service towards MAB. We wish all the best to Ms. Rosinawani in serving Mahallah Aisyah.

MAB then would like to welcome Br. Riduwan from Mahallah Fatimah az-Zahra. He will replace Ms. Rosinawani. We wish all the best to him in serving MAB.

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