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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cambodia 2012 : Shaping A Milestone Towards A Better Community


Mahallah Representative Committe (MRC) of CFSIIUM session 2011/2012 will be conducting an international community service at Madrasah Darul Ulum, Kampung Darul Ulum, Brai Kop, Poi Pet, Cambodia on the 24th to 28th May 2012. This 3rd sequel of MRC international programmes brings a new light of hope for the Cambodian, at the particular Muslim area, to pursuit a better educational facility. This time around of MRC mega project aims for the finishing of Ibnu Khaldun Library's construction ultimately for easing the Cambodian learning processes.

Their unfortunate rural areas are in-need of our help, especially for the little ones, as they are developing to be a better knowledgeable Muslims. Unlike ours, their facilities and homes are not comfort and complete enough for gaining knowledge. So, help us to help them! A little penny of yours brings a million of hopes and love towards the Cambodian. Let's help them, our brothers and sisters there. They need our help! We might not have the chance to meet and help them directly, yet Allah knows our heart and let's lend our hands to help in monetary aspects.

Your contributions and donation can be done via :

1. Contacting all MRC CFSIIUM members. For Mahallah Abu Bakr' As-Siddiq residents, you may contact MRCMAB members

2. Donation box will be lingering in every occasion conducted by MRC and InsyaAllah, by all societies. So, DO donate in every occasion. =)

3. Fill in the donation form distributed (or that will be distributed) and relay your donations to MRC members or to the Mahallah Office.

4. For non-CFSIIUM / non-IIUM students/staffs, you may contribute by contacting us through email at mrcmab@gmail.com and we shall help you then. =)

Together we shape a milestone towards a better community. May Allah bless us all!

"What We Own We Lost. But What We Give We Have"

wallahu a'alam..

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